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I am Felipe Andrada

Software developer

Digital products, web cloud solutions, prototypes and servers.

I have been worked on web and mobile projects, based on technologies like php, ruby on rails e javascript.

The last builded applictions have Javascript, React, Vue, Angular, Sass, Ruby on Rails, Php, Postgresql, Mysql and Linux inside.

I have been experienced many frontend tools and follow high level application development evolution in last decades.

I’m open to new if I though this can improve the project results, profissionality or my own life.

Wish keep learning.

So keep in touch. Lets think someting together.

Digital products, Project patterns, User experience, Responsive interfaces, Render optimizations,
Semantic html, Modern javascript frameworks, Progressive web apps, Hybrid mobile apps




Insert your brand where other medias doesn’t go.


The FeiraUP is an solution for wholesale and retails in the biggest fashion poles of Brazil.


Job board. Complete online hire process. App for Android and Iphone.


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